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Hello I'm Mae! I'm studying Computer animation! Here I shall post critiques on animation of every shape and form (film, TV shows etc)

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Teen Titans Ladies + Glowing eyes

Anonymous said: I came to check your tumblr for a long time and then I see all these mark asks that were send to you by your followers and I didn't get it was a meme kind of thing about what they think of you and I was just so confused that "Are people sending censored curse words to Mae and she's crying happily over them?" I feel so dumb.

Hahhahah it’s fine xD I don’t blame you for being confused at first uwu

Anonymous said: cmon mae you can say retarded we wont tell the cyber bully police, an e wont change much.

Lol, it’s okay, I just don’t like the word. 

Anonymous said: I feel stupid for asking this but what's the 'r' word JonTron used? All I can think of are racist and retarded and I don't think of either of those as words that should be censored?? Genuinely confused

He called the PS4 r*tarded. 

come-to-see-the-spooky-circus said: Saying you can’t pay attention to other world problems AND someone who is a role model to many people and should act as such is saying everyone angry over the issues lacks the emotional and mental capacity to handle more one thing at a time.

*facepalm* I never said this. You can be angry at whatever you want. I’m just saying that one holds less weight than the other. Seriously, I’m done talking about JonTron because it’s a pointless debate. I don’t want to talk about something that, TO ME, is very silly and pointless. I never defended him, I just hate this tumblr/twitter hive mentality when you boil it down to it’s bare bones it’s just a random guy who said a slur in twitter. 

People see him as a role model I suppose, but that’s their decision. JonTron is not as important as people make him out to be. I’ve seen way worse twitter dramas and more problematic internet people/celebrities than JonTron. 

Anonymous said: I agree with you but the mentality of we cant discuss this or get angry at this because there is something worse at hand I think is awfully wrong, you could also say "who cares about Micheal Brown when there are thousands of people dying in Palestine." or "Everyday people die in the Middle East."

I’m not saying you can’t discuss this. You can discuss/reblog/comment whatever you want. I’m just saying it’s pointless to mob ONE person constantly just because they said a slur, especially when this person ISN’T a threat. At all. Him apologizing won’t change anything, therefore the anger is pointless (it won’t even be a genuine apology since he’s super convinced he’s right). 

People say slurs constantly in the internet. This is not new. So yes, there ARE way worse things to be angry about. Things that bring actual real life consequences. One guy’s douchey tweet won’t change anything.

What sounds more logical to you?

"I’m angry because people are dying in the Middle East."

"I’m angry because Michael Brown was killed out of racial prejudice and police violence."

"I’m angry because a video game reviewer said the ‘r’ word on twitter."

Sounds pretty silly doesn’t it?