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It is I Mae D, an aspiring animator, dork and animation critic (and fourth year art student). Here I shall post critiques on animation of every shape and form (film, TV shows etc)

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sometimes i look back on this and realize that i will never top it ever

A true nuzlocke hero. 

This is the point where my crush on James initiated. No joke. 



sometimes i look back on this and realize that i will never top it ever

A true nuzlocke hero. 

This is the point where my crush on James initiated. No joke. 

Anonymous said: I'm not trying to prove you wrong or anything but the whole stay with the abuser and change them things doesn't entirely fit because at the end of the first book she did leave him for a while

That would be true if the sequels did not exist. But they do, so the moral is untouched. 

Honestly if it were just the first book, I wouldn’t see it as too horrible. But because the sequels exist, we know the author’s intention was for Ana to ‘change’ Christian and stay with him. She probably just did that to end the story on a cliffhanger. 

Anonymous said: Hey, so I saw your 50 Shades post. I read all three, and I honestly agree it's a bad representation of BDSM. A very bad one. And I know you didn't say this, but I've noticed a lot of people saying that At one point Christian didn't respect Anna's safe word. I read all three, and can't find where this happens. Do you know where it is?

In the first book Ana ‘forgot’ to use her safeword when Christian beat her with a belt (I honestly believe she was too scared to use it, or they didn’t discuss about the importance of safewords in a clear manner).

In the third book she does use a safeword and he stops, but guilt trips her about it and they also never talk about WHY she used the safeword. Also they agreed to use the word ‘popsicle’ as a safeword but she says ‘red’ instead, more miscommunication.

Honestly though, Christian introduces the concept of safewords late in the game and doesn’t even bother explaining them when they initiated their relationship (despite the fact that Ana was very inexperienced)- While it’s not the worst thing in this book, they still handle safewords very poorly. 

In all seriousness though (about the 50shades movie)

If you care about abusive relationships please do not watch this movie in theaters. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is about a monster with mommy issues who manipulates and abuses a naive girl. This is all in the guise of BDSM, and it’s NOT how real BDSM is like (the BDSM community hates this book because of it’s inaccuracy). 

If this movie is successful, it will spawn sequels and promote that these kind of relationships are okay. If you are that curious about how bad this movie is (like me) watch a bootleg. 

I can’t stop people going to see this, but I can at least try to warn those who are merely curious. 

Fifty Shades of Grey glamorizes abuse

It has borderline rape scenes in it in the guise of kinky sex.

The moral of the story is that if you stay in a abusive relationship, you can fix your abuser.

The fans of this book only excuse Christian’s actions because he’s ‘hot’ and rich. So this promotes shallowness as well (in the vein of Twilight). 

If you are a fan, I dare you to tell me ONE redeeming thing about this book/movie. I’m serious. If you can explain to me why it isn’t abusive with legit arguments, I’ll apologize and rub your belly. Keep in mind that I read the book so the ‘how do you know it’s abusive if you haven’t read the book’ argument won’t work. Good luck. 

The 50 shades fans are already bitching that the Christian Grey isn’t hot enough BWHAHHHHahahahhAHHAHAHAh

aimless--void said: It's a movie based off of bad Twilight smut. Really, it's only fitting.

But even the Twilight films had a particular look that made them stand out somewhat (the look was bad but it was at least SOMETHING) this just looks so processed and bland xD


Anonymous said: When you put your latest journal up saying you were moving to the US, I misread it and thought it said UK and thought of a cheesy romantic scene where Proto was rowing you down the River Isis. (Cause face it, the Thames Proper is not where you do romantic Rowing. Unless you like the prospect of tourists taking photos or maybe getting mowed down by a ferry).

Proto and I would probably indulge ourselves in pizza and play vidyagames all day (among other…things). But I’m also a romantic sap so a boat ride sounds lovely uwu